ATS® Level 2
April 28 (Sunday) at 5:00 pm

Class length
1 hour
Gather Wellness Studio
Level 2 ATS® is for students who have successfully completed at least three (3) Level 1 sessions, or by permission of the troupe director.  Level 2 students are expected to have a grasp of the following Level 1 vocabulary (please refer to FCBD® Volumes 1 and 4 for more details)
  • Posture
  • Gallop zil pattern
  • Formations: duets, trios, quartets, chorus
  • Musicality and being able to stay on beat
Fast Moves:
  • Arabic (moving, turning)
  • Basic Pivot Bump/Choo-Choo (turning, moving forward)
  • Box Step w/turn
  • Chest/Hip Slides/Circles (moving, turning)
  • Chest Lifts/Drops
  • Double Bump (Moving, turning)
  • Egyptian (1/2 and full turns)
  • Shimmy Step (aka 3/4 Hip Shimmies)- half time (moving, turning)/full time
  • Single Bump (moving, turning)
  • Turkish  (1/4  turns)
  • Slow Moves:
  • Arm Undulations (aka Snake Arms)
  • Basic Camel
  • Body Wave
  • Corkscrew Turn
  • Floreos
  • Propeller
  • Reverse Turn
  • Ribcage Rotation
  • Taxeem
  • Torso Twist
  • Head slide

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